China Is the Source of Prohibited Ozone Layer-Destroying Gases, Study Says

A recent study has found China as the culprit for emitting internationally-banned CFCs, ozone-destroying gases.
Fabienne Lang

Scientists recently discovered that China has been using and emitting ozone-destroying gases.

Chlorofluorocarbons, or CFCs, a frightfully long-lasting chemical mostly coming from aerosol sprays and refrigeration devices are proven to destroy the ozone layer, had been mysteriously increasing. According to CNN, a new study led by scientists discovered that these emissions could be pinpointed to the Eastern part of China. 

This has come as a shock given CFCs are banned on an international level.


Over 7,000 tons of CFCs emitted per year in Eastern China since 2013

These nasty chemicals were first invented in 1928, and since then have been commercially used on an international level. In the mid-1980s though it became evident these were the main culprit in depleting the earth's ozone layer over Antarctica.

From then approximately 25 countries, including the USA, signed what is known as the Montreal Protocol, to ban their use. China endorsed the protocol in 1991, and a global ban on CFCs was put into place since 2010. 

China Is the Source of Prohibited Ozone Layer-Destroying Gases, Study Says
Aerosol Spray. Source: Freeimages

Seemingly regardless of the protocol, Shandong and Hebei provinces in China notably displayed higher emissions of CFCs into the ozone layer, says Luke Western, a University of Bristol atmospheric modeler and one of the researchers of this study.

Western stated that “We used our models to show that emissions of CFC-11 from northeastern China had increased by around 7,000 tons per year after 2013."

No comment from China's Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Western and fellow scientists' job is nowhere near finished.

Now that the emissions have been discovered, it still remains to be found which industries are to be held accountable for them, as per Matt Rigby, a lead author of the study, recounts.

Ozone had been healing

Our ozone layer protects us from ultraviolet radiation, and Earth's ozone layer had recently been showing signs of healing.

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