Company Creates Beehives you can Mount on your Wall

BEEcosystem has created observational beehives addressing the problem of declining bee population. The beehives can be installed in a hexagonal, honeycomb shape indoors or outdoors in a safe way.
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The bee population has been declining for some time, with modern industrial farming methods and loss of habitat being shown as the causes. This is a critical issue, as bees take care of the job of pollinating many of the plants that we rely on for nutrition. In the US alone, more than 100 crops are pollinated by bees and one of out three bites of food we eat is pollinated by a bee. 

Company Creates Beehives you can Mount on your Wall
Source: BEEcosystem

Today in the US there are 3.5 million fewer beehives than there were in 1947. To overcome the problem of decreasing bee population, a company called BEEcosystem has come up with an innovative idea, a system of wall-mounted observation beehives.

These hives can be easily expanded in a hexagonal, honeycomb style, even allowing people to invite the bees inside. Powerful magnets hold the shapes together, and make it less complicated to slide them into and out of place.

There is also a feeder attached, in case the bees may need extra nourishment. There is also a detachable bar frame for people ready to harvest the honey. This concept brings bees closer to humans in an urban environment.

Company Creates Beehives you can Mount on your Wall
Source: BEEcosystem

It also allows people to realize the significance of bees and their role in the environment, by making them live together. It is also good for the bee population as a whole.

No need to be scared

A lot of people are understandably scared of bees and their sting, and it may even be scarier to have them in your living room. However, the system has been designed with safety in mind. This enables even people who are beginners in bee-keeping use the system with a peace of mind.

The bees are not able to escape into the keeper’s home due to a number of safety features. When the hive is kept inside, a small tube that leads outside allows the bees to go directly outside and return if they need to. 

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Company Creates Beehives you can Mount on your Wall
Source: BEEcosystem

The system enables you to watch the bees in action and see how they build up their colony, how they create honeycomb, beeswax and even harvest honey.

Program to support bee-keepers

If you are not sure about your ability to act as a beekeeper, BEEcosystem has established a Beekeeper Ambassador Program that can help customers. These can range from farm-to-table restaurants, vineyards, and hotels, who want to utilize the hives but lack the skills needed to maintain them.

“We feel the BEEcosystem hive can add tons of value to eco- and agri-tourism businesses,” Dustin Betz, co-creator of the hive said. And the Ambassador Program will allow more of those businesses to purchase our product without having to have someone in-house manage the hive—this network will also help to educate the next generation of beekeepers, and greatly increase the reach of our social impact.”

Designers have recently updated the system with feedback from customers. There is now a detachable red acrylic piece which ensures bees can enjoy light-free sleep. And the transport tube is sealed in with a magnetic safety clasp.

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