Cooling Device Made from 2 Liter Bottles Uses Zero Energy

Trevor English

In countries without access to a reliable electricity grid, cooling one's home can be close to impossible. This, of course, means that people have no way of escaping the heat from the scorching sun, but one innovative solution is hoping to cool down homes without the need for electricity. The Eco Cooler uses 2-liter bottles and some principles of fluid dynamics to cool down spaces by up to 5 degrees Celcius, which can make a big difference for those without access to air conditioning. Check out how it works below.

Basically, this air cooler works by realizing that as air speeds up, the temperature decreases, and the system uses soda bottles to speed up that small breeze and cool houses down. By laying out a grid of 2-liter bottles, as a breeze hits the open end of the bottle, it is pushed and constricted through the nozzle, speeding it up, and therefore cooling it down. Here is how Eco-Cooler describes how it works on their website:

"The neck of plastic bottles, helps compress the air. As the hot air pushed towards the rim of the bottle, it starts expanding. The rapid expansion of the warm air-cools the air down."

For such a widespread problem, it is amazing how simple of a solution it takes to cool down houses without A/C.

ECO COOLER[Image Source: Eco Cooler]

There are obviously a few limitations for the device, as you can't make a breeze appear on a calm day, but when the breeze is present, this device works wonders on the internal temperatures of dwellings, according to Inhabitat. If you want to make one of these devices yourself, you can download the blueprints here, and maybe help bring some cool air into your home!

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