COVID-19 Patients Found to Have Signs of Lasting Immunity

Even those who suffered mild symptoms of the virus are showing strong signs of lasting immunity.
Fabienne Lang

Some potentially good news amid a rather turbulent time: scientists are discovering that your immune system cells may be smart enough to store information about the coronavirus in order to fight it off again. And they may be able to do it even after mild cases of COVID-19.

According to new research, it's not just your antibodies that are working hard to fight off the virus but an army of cells.

A number of studies on the matter have been published, most of which are still being peer-reviewed and in pre-print, however, the news is still welcome at this stage. 

A battle against the virus

It's always good news when you find out that your body is working hard for you. Scientists have been studying the after-effects of COVID-19 on our bodies, and some of their results seem to be favorable. 

It turns out that our body's cells may well be studying and remembering the coronavirus, in order to try their best to block it off should it try and attack again, as per the New York Times' report.

According to these new and numerous studies about our body's antibody and cellular responses to the coronavirus, it appears that our bodies are keeping a close eye on the matter. Even after mild cases of COVID-19, our cells are storing the information for any further attacks. 


In the studies, the researchers point out that not only are antibodies able to recognize the virus months after it's gone but T cells and B cells too. 

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The question now is how long do these responses last in the body? A tough one to answer, however, so far the news is very welcome. 

Further research on the matter needs to still happen, as more people need to be monitored before being able to fully confirm the antibody response. However, the point that many of these studies' researchers are celebrating is the fact that these anti-coronavirus responses are happening even when COVID-19 symptoms were only mild, and not after only severe cases, as typically immune responses are lower after milder infections, as per the New York Times.

Research continues, and some are even taking a different tack on the matter, just like these German researchers looking for concert attendees for their experiment.