Dad Turns Swimming Pool into Harmonic Motion Device

Trevor English
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Getting kids interested in physics and science is a task that can sometimes be hard to do, but it can have a profound effect on the next generation. Whether it be an expensive science kit or a fun hands-on experiment, there isn't always a sure-fire method to get everyone interested. One dad, however, got pretty creative with his inflatable pool and made a fun physics demonstration for his kids. By taking a paddle board and jumping up and down in the middle of the pool, he creates harmonic motion. In the end, these combined waves create what he calls a "volcano," and his kids have a blast, check it out!

Essentially what this dad is doing is creating constructive wave interference, so each time he jumps up and down the motion combines together to create one larger wave. Since the pool is round and the sides are stretchy, the effect is amplified even more. When the crests of the waves meet together at the same time, they combine together to create one larger wave. This is called harmonic motion, and it is a principle that transcends multiple engineering disciplines.

dad harmonic pool[Image Source: Punchy848]

Other than learning physics, this 'pool volcano' seems like a lot of fun. Who needs to spend the money at an expensive waterpark for a wave pool when you can have double the fun right in your backyard.

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