Dino Pet: The living lamp that grows brighter the more you care for it

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The BioPop Company have come up with a very different and very cool living light/virtual pet by the name of Dino Pet. This is a biological lamp that has very small bioluminescent plankton inside it, called dinoflagellates, which glow in the dark with their own inner light.


[Image Source: Biopop]

This is where the Dino Pet gets its name from, with the dinoflagellates being inside the plastic shell. The plankton are in salt water and they need care, but very little of it, if they are to thrive and provide you with a light show when it gets dark.


[Image Source: Biopop]

In the day the Dino Pet should be placed in indirect light. Then at night, this is when the magic takes place as if you give it a small shake, the plankton will be stimulated and they will start to glow. Once in a while you will have to take care of the Dino Pet by putting some liquid nutrients into its stomach so that the plankton is kept fed and happy.

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[Image Source: Biopop]

The amount of light that you get from the Dino Pet will all depend on how well you care for it, or rather, the plankton inside its belly. If lots of attention is given then after a small light shake it will put on a stunning and beautiful show for you.


[Image Source: Biopop]

The BioPop biological lamp/pet/toy was the outcome of the company’s quest for a sustainable bio-light. They came across the dinoflagellates and then set about making a vessel that would hold them, and came up with the idea of the unusual and beautiful living lamp. The lamp is available over in the US with a price tag of $59.95.

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