Elon Musk Says The Sun Can Power All of Civilization

Posting on his favorite platform, Twitter, Tesla's CEO explained the immense power of our Sun.
Fabienne Lang

Elon Musk believes that the entirety of the planet's population could be powered on solar energy—we just need to find a way to harness the Sun's four million tons of mass-produced energy every second into storable and usable energy.

This isn't the first time Musk shares his opinion, on Twitter no less, about what the Sun can do for all of civilization. 

This doesn't appear as Musk's first rodeo when it comes to solar power, as Tesla already offers solar power systems for roofs, and to power households.


Elon Musk and solar power

Just a few hours ago, Musk responded to another Twitter user's post, who shared a study about how solar is now the "cheapest energy in history & the technology costs less than coal & gas in most major countries."

Musk's middle name should be changed to 'Twitter,' given how 'verbal' the man is on the social media platform. 

His response was "That free fusion reactor in the sky conveniently converts ~4 million tons of mass into energy every second. We just need to catch an extremely tiny amount of it to power all of civilization."

This isn't new news regarding Musk's beliefs around solar energy. Aside from selling electric vehicles, Tesla also offers solar panel roofs that don't look anything like regular solar panels. On top of that, back in 2017 Tesla built a gigantic solar power plant on the island of Kauai in Hawaii to help lower gas and coal usage.

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This conversation around solar energy being able to power all of civilization is nothing new coming out of Musk's mouth or shared from the tip of his fingers via a Twitter post. In 2019, the Observer explained that Musk believes that just one massive solar power plant could provide enough energy for all of the U.S.—we now just need to create the technology for that. 

The responses to Musk's most recent Twitter post have come in droves, with many approving of his comment but stating that we just don't have the means to create such a powerful system yet. Others have taken other approaches by bringing in religion and God's choices...perhaps not quite in tune with what Musk believes in, but interesting nonetheless!

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Others are using the opportunity to let Musk know they're still waiting on their short shorts' order: