Elon Musk Shares Photo of Humongous SpaceX's Starship Rocket Tanks

The tanks will assist in sending the Starship rocket to the Moon.
Fabienne Lang
Starship tanksElon Musk/Twitter

SpaceX's Starship is readying itself to jet off to the Moon, Mars, and further

The founder of the space company, Elon Musk, shared a striking image of the Starship's rocket tanks on Wednesday via Twitter, and they are massive. It really puts into perspective just how impressive the entire project is. 


Big tanks for a big project

The pressure is rising to ensure that these two tanks will be able to endure the hard conditions of Space. So the tests carried out by SpaceX have to be rigorous and numerous. 

In his Twitter post, Musk also commented that more details of the Starship's mission would be revealed soon. There may even be a presentation on the topic as early as September, as Musk replied to space photographer Austin Barnard on the Twitter post. 

Over the past four years, SpaceX has held a Starship presentation, sharing information about the exciting project. So it will be interesting to see whether that takes place this year as well. As Musk noted on Twitter to Barnard though, it's looking quite likely. 

The impressive image that Musk shared of the tanks goes to show just how huge they have to be in order to function in Space. If you look closely to the top of the right-hand tank you'll notice a human standing on the top of it. He looks like a little ant! It truly helps to put into perspective just how big these tanks are.

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The plan is for the Starship rocket to use these two tanks next year on its mission to the Moon. There has in fact been little explicit detail of the upcoming spacecraft, but what has been shared is that it'll be around 400 feet tall, 30 feet in diameter, and will have space for 150 tons of payload, or roughly be able to launch 100 people into Space. 

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