Elon Musk Shares Some Exciting Updates about SpaceX's Ventures via Twitter

Due to present the full plans of the Starship rocket on Saturday, Musk is whetting our appetites in anticipation.
Fabienne Lang

In preparation for his live-streaming presentation about SpaceX's Starship Mk1 prototype on Saturday in Boca Chica, Texas, Elon Musk tweeted some facts and updates about the rocket over the weekend. 

Planned for a trip to Mars, the Moon, and beyond, the Starship Mk1 is getting further upgrades.


What is the plan for Starship MK1?

Demonstrating just how anticipated the Starship is, Japanese online retail billionaire, Yusaku Maezawa, has already signed a deal to take a trip around the Moon on the Starship Mk1. 

The plan is for Maezawa to take flight in the mid-2020s when the Starship is due to be entirely ready and tested. 

Musk has previously shared that the Starship could also potentially fly to Mars in the mid-2020s, take on crewed missions to the Moon and back, as well as supersonic flights between specific destinations on Earth. 

In his tweets, however, Musk did not touch upon the planned travels of the Starship. He went into detail regarding its structure and design. Exchanges between Musk and some of his followers explained what will go inside the prototype's nose cone, for example. 

Musk's tweets over the weekend

This one just came through a couple of hours ago, offering an overnight update: 

Some tweets are straight to the point, no pictures needed: 

Here's a different angle for a video, almost like an optical illusion: 

A daytime image of the Starship's rear moving fins:

Responses from Musk's followers

Some are lining up to join the Space missions, but unable to do so for financial reasons: 

Some are getting into the nitty-gritty design and structure of the Starship:

Curiosity is getting the better of many, unable to wait until Saturday for more details: 

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The anticipation is palpable in some tweets: 

As you can see from Musk and his followers' responses, this is a greatly anticipated event and could shape much of our future. Stay tuned for Saturday's presentation. 

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