First Successful Penis Transplant In The United States

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The first penis transplant in the United States just occurred a few days ago and the recipient, Thomas Manning, 64, is doing well after the 15-hour surgery. Worldwide, there have only been two other penis transplants: a failed one in China in 2006 and a successful one in South Africa in 2014. The procedure done in China was a success but the recipient and his wife suffered psychological trauma and decided to have the surgery reversed 15 days later. The 21 year-old man who had the penis transplant done in South Africa did well with the procedure and was able to successfully conceive a child later.

This gives the details of the first US transplant:

Thomas Manning is a bank courier from Halifax, Massachusetts. He received the organ from a deceased donor. You might be wondering why Thomas Manning needed a penis transplant. He lost his organ because of cancer. Manning underwent extensive psychological examination before the surgery to make sure he was prepared for it. Manning told his doctors, “I want to go back to being who I was.”  He also said he welcomed questions because he's interested in dispelling the stigma and shame around genital restorative surgeries. He said he wants to help educate men and give them hope about the possibility of having normal anatomy restored.

According the Daily Mail, Manning had this to say about his penis being amputated,

"I didn't feel like less of a man, but I went through my own version of hell. I would have went to the moon for this, I mean, why not? They cut my penis off, and I wanted it back. It's not that complicated." ~ Daily Mail

They said Manning would regain the ability to urinate within weeks and should regain sexual function within weeks to months. After recovering from the surgery, Thomas Manning said he had not yet taken a look at his new member. He also will have to take anti-rejection therapies for the rest of his life.

For a refresher course on penis transplants, here's a How Stuff Works video:

The doctors connected nerves, veins and arteries from the donor's organ to Mr. Manning. The surgery is experimental and the doctors are cautiously optimistic. They also stated that penis transplants are uncharted territory for them. They established a research project that is geared towards helping cancer, veteran and accident victims. The suicide rate for combat veterans who have suffered some sort of genital disfigurement or loss is extremely high. Most of the young guys who have lost their genitals are plunged into hopelessness and despair and feel that they cannot form any sort of intimate relationship again. These veterans are a major focus for transplant projects in the United States.

According to the Daily Mail, Manning said recently in regards to his transplant: 'There is no doubt in my mind that everything is going to work. And I mean everything. You can interpret that any way you wish."

penile[Image Source: How Stuff Works]

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