Future AI Toilets to Scan Poop to Diagnose Health Issues

The special toilets will be able to perform fecal and urine analyses.
Loukia Papadopoulos

In the future, your toilet could diagnose your potential health issues simply by analyzing your bodily waste. That is the plan of a company called Micron that is developing a smart artificial intelligence-powered toilet.


Fecal and urine analyses

The special toilet will be able to perform fecal and urine analyses, two of the most commonly used tests to determine the health status of a patient.

Fecal analyses are used to diagnose conditions affecting the digestive tract. These conditions can include infection, poor nutrient absorption, or cancer. Meanwhile, urine analyses can spot kidney disease, liver disease and diabetes in their early stages.

Feces and urine consist of byproducts from bodily processes such as digestion and detoxification. Analyzing the concentrations of these chemical compounds can help determine if there are any potential health issues.

On-going monitoring

The new toilets could offer ongoing built-in stool and urine analysis monitoring making sure that users' health issues are kept in check. The toilets could further be connected to a smartphone or tablet device.

This would be used to alert users' directly of their health status. This step would likely encourage a healthier lifestyle

And Micron has the technology to produce that option. They are currently involved in the development of everything from hand-held smartphones to large-scale data centers. 

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The question still remains of how the toilet data would be analyzed. Would it be connected to a hospital or to the users' general doctor? How often would it collect samples for analysis? How often would it share the results? Who would receive the news first, users or medical professionals?

Although holding a lot of promise, stool and urine analysis toilets still have some details to work out before they can become a reality. Would you get one in your home?

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