This Berlin-based startup aims to bring you back from the dead

Using pioneering medical techniques, German scientists hope to one day find a way to restart the heart, awaken the mind, and ''resurrect'' those who were once gone.
Kavita Verma
Resurrection stock image.
Resurrection stock image.


A team of German doctors is pushing the boundaries of what was long thought to be impossible - they're attempting to cheat death, bringing humans back to life. 

Tomorrow Biostasis, a Berlin-based company, is leading the charge to challenge death itself. With liquid nitrogen as their alchemy ingredient, they have already frozen over ten deceased humans in the hope of someday reversing mortality and restoring life.

Cryopreservation might revert to death 

Do you want to live forever? Cryopreservation, referred to as Biostasis or cryonics, can make it happen! Upon death, your body (or brain) is frozen in a specialist storage facility until medical science advances enough that the cause of your original demise can be cured and even revive you back into life. 

This form of scientific donation has become so popular in most European countries that there are waiting lists at universities willing to accept bodies due to donations—and they're charging fees now too!

Tomorrow Biostasis already has around ten people preserved for training purposes alone. Hundred of others are waiting to be selected with the hope that they can come back to life after they are dead. 

Some people just want to get their brains preserved. In case their future selves prefer a 3-D printed body or nobody at all. 

The goal of German Doctors

Tech. Eu said that the "standby ambulance" of the business has already been active, with co-founder Emil Kendziorra trying to establish Europe's first cryogenics company.

As soon as someone passes away, Tomorrow Biostasis reacts right away to keep their body and/or brain in a condition of stasis. 

The company will then treat and undo the person's initial cause of death and raise them from the dead, so they can benefit from a life extension if future developments become available.

Scientific body donation

The deceased bodies are transported to Rafz, Switzerland, for long-term storage at the European Biostasis Foundation. This process is known as scientific body donation. In order to make the process legal, these bodies get cooled to around-196 degrees celsius and locked inside an insulated tank filled with liquid nitrogen. 

With advancing medical technology, freezing oneself upon death to one day be brought back may seem like a possibility. 

However, the problem of how exactly to revive those who have been cryopreserved remains unanswered; while it's possible to preserve cells and tissues with frozen brains, bringing that life back is another challenge entirely. 

Further compounding this issue are its innumerable complications - from deciding when precisely revival should take place to raise ethical concerns about what would happen afterward. 

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