Huge Atlantic Ocean Storm Heading Towards the East Coast

Meteorologists warn that it will hit on Friday or Saturday morning.
Fabienne Lang
The storm heading towards the East CoastNOAA/GOES-east

A huge storm that's been building up across the Atlantic Ocean has stalled off of the East Coast of the U.S. As it sits off the coast it may turn into a tropical storm as it hits New England with wind, cold air, rain, and even smatterings of snow on Friday and into the weekend. 

The storm is a complex one as it is spinning up cold air, wind, and rain, however, at its core it has warmer characteristics that more closely resemble a tropical storm


Meteorologists say it may become a subtropical storm

"There is a chance the storm could be dubbed a subtropical storm at some point into the end of the week," cautioned AccuWeather hurricane expert, Dan Kottlowski, who also explained that it will most likely show its first signs on Friday or by Saturday morning. 

AccuWeather has drawn comparisons of this storm with one in 1991, which was called the "Halloween Storm or Perfect Storm." The reason behind the comparison is that the 1991 storm also stalled off the coast of New England, in the Atlantic Ocean. The main difference, though, is that in 1991 the storm clashed with Hurricane Grace, whereas this week's storm does not have that additional factor. 

A subtropical storm is a hybrid storm that has both tropical and non-tropical storm characteristics, which can sometimes turn into a tropical storm or a hurricane. 

Huge Atlantic Ocean Storm Heading Towards the East Coast
Where the storm will land, Source: NOAA

Satellites have been keeping a close eye on the storm and noticed that on Wednesday it had thunderstorms circulating near its center, much like tropical storms or hurricanes. 

As it currently stands, the storm will continue generating strong winds, cold rain and snow, which will start to fall down on New England on Friday night.

"The persistence and strength of this storm has the sea agitated and large waves will pound the northern- and eastern-facing shoreline of New England and to some extent Long Island, New York," said AccuWeather's senior meteorologist Brett Anderson.

The storm will move away from the coast and New England after this weekend.

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