What Humans Would Look Life if They Evolved to Survive Car Accidents

What if our bodies were built to survive car crashes with no injury?
Trevor English

We, humans, live in a world where cars have to be designed to protect us during crashes, but what if our bodies were built to survive crashes with little injury? Well, meet Graham. He is a life size realistic human sculpture that is meant to have the perfect anatomy to survive deadly car crashes.

"Graham has been designed with bodily features that might be present in humans if they had evolved to withstand the forces involved in crashes. Studies have shown that the human body can only cope with impacts at speeds people can reach on their own, unassisted by vehicles."

You can see more about the making of Graham in the video below.

Graham is meant as an education tool from the Transport Accident Commission meant to help people realize just how harmful car crashes can be without proper protection. They have put together a 360˚ interactive website detailing all of Graham's features, which you can check out here.

"We have to accept people will always make mistakes, but modern vehicle safety technology and safe road design can drastically reduce the forces involved when a crash happens, making them more survivable.” ~ Mr. Calafiore, TAC CEO

Probably your first question about Graham is why in the world does he have so many nipples?! Well, those aren't nipples, they are biological airbags, which are exactly what humans need built-in to their ribcage to survive high-velocity impacts. 

graham crash body
Source: TAC

Graham's neck and forehead are the other most striking characteristics, each designed to maximize brain protection and whiplash damage in accidents.

TAC - Meet Graham – Vulnerability Campaign launch. Billie Patestos (17) and Sam Inskip (16) check out Graham at the State Library.
Source: TAC

Graham will be on display at the State Library of Victoria until August 8, before going on a roadshow, according to TAC. This bizarre looking humanoid sculpture really brings into reality how severe even small car accidents are.

Source: TAC
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