Indian Dentist Pulls Out World's Longest Known Tooth, Breaking Previous Record

At 1.53 inches, the tooth beats last year's record of 1.46 inches.
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Going to the dentist is rarely a fun affair. However, when you break the current record for the world's longest known tooth, it becomes a little more exciting. 

A young student in India was suffering from swelling and pain in his mouth so decided to visit his dentist. After the consultation, the best way to proceed was extracting the culprit tooth, which resulted in breaking a world record for the longest known tooth so far. 

Breaking records

When 20-year-old Pawan Bhavsar went to see his dentist in the Khargone district of Madya Pradesh in India, little did he know that he would be leaving with a world record. 

The reason for this dental clinic visit was pain, swelling, and blisters inside his mouth. Dr. Saurabh Srivastava made the decision that the best way to move forward was to remove two of Bhavsar's teeth. It turns out that one of these teeth was much longer than was anticipated. 

At roughly 3.8 cm (1.53 inches) long, the tooth beats any records previously held for the world's longest known tooth. The previous record was discovered in 2018, when the German dentist Dr. Max Lukas removed a 3.6 cm (1.46 inch) tooth.

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To give a comparison, a regular tooth length is typically around 2.1 cm (0.8 inches).

You can see for yourself how the tooth looks, and if you've ever had any teeth pulled out before you'll quickly notice just how much longer this one is.

Indian Dentist Pulls Out World's Longest Known Tooth, Breaking Previous Record
The tooth in question, Source: UPI
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