Lexus Concept Designs Show What Lunar Transportation Could Look Like

It seems Lexus' design team has grown a little bored with designing vehicles for Earth. 
Derya Ozdemir

All that we are talking about is how we can get to the Moon, however, we don't really think about what we'll do once we get there. Once we make the Moon our home, certain questions arise: What will we wear? What will we do? What will we drive?

These Lexus designers, who were apparently bored with designing for Earth, envisioned how transportation would be like on the Moon, and the results were literally and figuratively out of this world.

Published on the Document Journal magazine, Lexus' unveiled designs describe a sleek and shiny future for the vehicles that are meant to help future Moon residents. To be honest, they wouldn't look out of place in a sci-fi flick either. 


These creations were the product of The Lunar Design portfolio. After being asked to participate, Lexus worked with design studios to come up with visionary concepts. Designers were asked to create a "lunar mobility concept", which ranged from personal transportation across the Moon's surface to spacecraft that will take us to the Moon from Earth.

It should be noted that these are all just concepts and actual lunar vehicles would probably look less exciting. However, it's always nice to imagine since humans won't be a common sight on the Moon in the near future.

Here are the seven designs Lexus' designers came up with, they look so good that we wish we didn't have to wait 200 years to see them strolling through the Moon's craters.

1. Zero Gravity, by Karl Dujardin

Zero Gravity is the Halo-esque motorcycle of the future. Its design is centered on making the driver and the vehicle one: a mash of human and machine. According to Lexus, the driver will maintain total control while drifting smoothly over the rough and pitted lunar surface, even at a speed of 500 kilometers an hour.

Source: Lexus

If we ever do settle on Moon, we call dibs on this sweet ride.

2. Lexus Cosmos, by Jean-Baptiste Henry

Who hasn't dreamed about watching the space through a bus window? Lexus Cosmos, which is designed for both space and the lunar surface, features a fully sculpted glass shape that functions as a massive observatory.

Source: Lexus

3. Bouncing Moon Roller, by Julien Marie

With this space roller, your grand-grand children will be able to roll and jump with any angle over a wide range of terrain. Thankfully, they will be protected with a flexible graphene nanotube-based bubble, so you won't be turning in your grave.

Source: Lexus

4. Lexus Lunar Cruiser, by Keisuke Matsuno

A multipurpose vehicle that you can use on land and in the sky, what else could you want? Lunar Cruiser's large wheels provide comfortable movement even on rough lunar conditions and can turn 90 degrees which will make you fly like a drone.

Land and sky will be at your feet. The land will be Moon's, of course. 

Source: Lexus

5. Lexus Lunar Mission, by Yung Presciutti

Frank Sinatra's request wasn't so off the hook after all: this vehicle will fly you to the Moon, literally. The design has a liquid side-body, from which you can watch the space while you fly towards the Moon. Jupiter and Mars might have to wait a little bit longer, but thankfully, the song will never get old.

Source: Lexus

6. Lexus Moon Racer, by Yung Presciutti

Would you like to jump, climb, race and discover the entire Moon? If the answer is yes, Moon Racer is the vehicle designed for you. With the Moon Racer, no peak will be high enough and in addition to that, this one is the closest one to an actual four-tire monster-truck, so it might make you miss the Earth. 

Source: Lexus

7. Lexus Lunar, by Yung Presciutti

Lexus Lunar is a massive transport vehicle that is divided into two parts: the bottom part is a platform with six wheels which will give you the freedom to go wherever you want and the upper part is a platform that holds the living area.

Source: Lexus

The idea is this: two components can be completely divided, which means that the upper portion can be used to create the start of a lunar colony. Exciting, right?

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