How Long Would it Take for You to Fall Through the Earth?

Ignoring impossible physics in the situation, if there was a hole right through the Earth, how long would it take you to fall through it?
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When going on international travel, you may sometimes wonder if your trip would just be made shorter if you could cut right through the world. Or maybe you wonder what would happen if you dug a hole in your backyard and ended up on the other side of the world. Ignoring the impossible physics in that situation, if there was theoretically a hole right through the Earth, how long would it take you to fall through it? That is the focus of a new video from Life Noggin, and you can check out the interesting answer below.

Since falling through the Earth is an impossible situation, we can also make some impossible assumptions, following along with Life Noggin. To make the math easier, let's assume that the Earth is a perfect sphere, has homogenous density and that there is no air in the hole, therefore you won't reach terminal velocity. Now that those realistic assumptions are out of the way, one can begin to consider how long it would take you to fall through the Earth. You can check out the video for a little more of the math, but it turns out that the whole trip will take you a short 42 minutes. Not bad for traveling across the world.


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