Meet eQuinox 2, the all-new 'eyeless' telescope giving city dwellers the universe in minutes

Is there life out there? The extraterrestrial search party is now open to everybody.
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eQuinox 2
eQuinox 2


The world's most powerful and user-friendly smart telescope manufacturer, Unistellar, debuted the brand-new 'eyeless' eQuinox 2 at the Consumer's Electronics Show (CES) 2023. 

With the eQuinox 2, even users in light-polluted cities and suburbs may view astronomical phenomena, such as Jupiter's huge red spot and the Orion Nebula's stunning pink and purple colors. Better yet, they can also help confirm alien worlds, or exoplanets. Interesting Engineer (IE) caught up with founder and CEO Laurent Marfisi, during the event (Jan .05).

After all, the universe now awaits us. 

Smart Light Pollution Reduction

Meet eQuinox 2, the all-new 'eyeless' telescope giving city dwellers the universe in minutes
The universe at the tap of an app

"I think most people are intrigued by the stars but don't have time to dedicate to it. So we made this telescope which you can set up in five minutes," Marfisi told IE.

The next-generation eQuinox 2 features Smart Light Pollution Reduction (SMLP) technology. SMLP helps offset the detrimental effects of light pollution in heavily urban settings, allowing observation of the galaxy's far reaches and beyond.

Thanks to the smart telescope that is entirely controlled by a mobile or tablet app, even telescope novices can join in on the celestial experience.

Over 5,000 celestial objects are available for users to explore, and the device may also make recommendations for items of interest. 

Additionally, eQuinox 2 orients itself autonomously, even when few stars are visible, as is typically the case from cities, to easily locate, focus, and track its target. This is done using Autonomous Field Detection, the industry's most straightforward yet powerful smart orientation technology for telescopes. 

Citizen astronomy

"All those objects now become so visual, thanks to the enhanced vision," Marfisi said. He also explained that by giving the general public the opportunity to understand the galaxies and nebulae quickly, all those childhood questions will start to flow naturally again. That is, "philosophy, metaphysics, why we're here, and is their life out there?" Just to quote a few. 

The eQuinox 2 joins Unistellar's expanding network of more than 10,000 citizen astronomers across the planet and enables anyone to participate in missions and directly contribute to cutting-edge science in collaboration with top industry players like the SETI Institute and NASA.

"We wanted to add this dimension of allowing people to touch what science is- what participating in science is," Marfisi revealed to IE

The Unistellar network is already playing a significant role in citizen astronomy, from spotting asteroids visited by NASA's Lucy mission to analyzing the impact of the DART (Double Asteroid Redirection Test) planetary defense drill and locating new worlds orbiting around distant stars. 

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