Meet Ooho! A Sustainable Water Bottle You Can Eat and Drink

Kathleen Villaluz

Think outside of the bottle! Those are the words of wisdom from a London-based innovative start-up called Skipping Rocks Lab, a group of researchers and business developers whose aim is to make product packaging obsolete. Their solution to the unsustainable production and disposal of plastic bottles is to make an edible water bottle you can safely eat and drink. It's called Ooho!

Hand holding an OOHO bottle

[Image Source: oohowater via Instagram]

What exactly is Ooho?

Ooho is an edible membrane, made from 100% seaweed and plant, that can encapsulate water, soft drinks, spirits, and even cosmetics. The ingredients used in an Ooho membrane is biodegradable within four to six weeks which means it doesn't contribute to pollution and is highly sustainable. Each of these edible water bottles can be freshly consumed as they only have a shelf life of a few days.

Ooho's ingredients are considered to be significantly cheaper than plastic which is ideal as they can potentially fully replace plastic bottles in the future. The production process of these sustainable sachets emits five times less carbondioxide and consumes nine times less energy compared to unsustainable plastic bottles.

Skipping Rocks Lab are currently making plain and flavored capsules that are perfect for sporting events like marathons. Ooho's material development and production technology have recently been filed a patent application.

A few pieces of plain and flavored OOHO water bottle

[Image Source: Skipping Rocks Lab]

The Skipping Rocks Lab

Skipping Rocks Lab is pioneering the innovative use of natural materials extracted from plants and seaweed to produce product packaging that is envisaged to greatly reduce environmental impact. The packaging start-up is based in London and is part of the acceleration program by Climate KIC, the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) climate innovation initiative. Skipping Rocks Lab conducts their scientific research and activities in the Imperial College of London with a group of engineers, chemical explorers, and business advisors. Their goal, vision, and impact are:-

Goal: create a waste-free packaging material that will replace plastic bottles/cups/plates and other plastic-based materials.

Vision: become the world-leader in producing seaweed-based packaging.

Impact: to put an end to the 300 million kg of carbon dioxide being emitted into the atmosphere through the production of plastic bottles. Moreover, the start-up is aiming to stop 1 billion plastic bottles from polluting oceans every year.

Currently, Skipping Rocks Lab is doing their best to calibrate their fully-automated production machine to get it up and running. The majority of the Ooho capsules have been marketed and trialed at events in London, San Francisco, and Boston through private functions, conferences, festivals and also at random Ooho pop-ups. Furthermore, their plan for this year and in 2018 is to run pilots for events such as Virgin Sports, Live Nation, and others. Ooho is the first of the innovative products the start-up is making and they will be producing more eco-friendly materials in the future.

You can be a part of  Skipping Rocks Lab, for as little as £10, by owning shares - visit their website to find out more. Technological innovations truly are the way forward for a sustainable future.

Sources: Skipping Rocks Lab, Climate KIC, EIT

[Featured Image Source: Skipping Rocks Lb]

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