The Most Mesmerizing Science Experiments You Can Do at Home

If you have an itching to try your hand at a fun little DIY science experiment, then check out the list of the best ones from across the web!
Trevor English

When you get home from work or school, sometimes all you want to do is have some fun. You could play video games, but when you experiment with science, you get to play with real fire and explosions. If you have an itching to try your hand at a fun little DIY science experiment, then check out the list of the best ones from across the web below!

1. Create a Pasta Rocket

This science experiment starts you off with flames and rockets. You can combine a solid fuel source and a liquid oxidizer to create a hybrid rocket engine. These principles are the same on a large and small scale. If you want to experiment on a small scale, all you will need is some penne pasta, mouthwash, and yeast.

2. Make Elephant's Toothpaste

Elephant's toothpaste is essentially a foam created through the rapid production of gas. The reaction occurs from the decomposition of hydrogen peroxide.

When you catalyze the reaction in a container with a small spout, the rapid expansion of the foam causes it to expand out at a rapid pace. Adding some food coloring into the mix simply makes the experiment much more fun.

3. Lorentz Force

The Lorentz Force is a combination of the electrical and magnetic force on an object due to a point charge. This force exhibits itself primarily in electromagnetism, which allows you to create a fairly simple motor from a battery.

By taking something like copper wire and a magnet and bending the wire in a particular fashion, you can create a small motor, admittedly with essentially no torque, but still a cool experiment.

4. Supersaturation

Supersaturation is a state of a liquid where there too much salt or sugar is saturated in the liquid that causes an unstable state resulting in rapid crystallization when triggered. Supersaturated liquids are sometimes referred to as "hot ice."

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You can create your very own solution using baking soda, vinegar, and rubbing alcohol. If you want to see how it works and how to create it, check out the video below.

5. DIY Hovercraft

We have all dreamed of owning and flying our very own hovercraft. The technology to create a hovercraft is simpler than you might think. While these hovercraft don't exactly have the capabilities of flying cars once dreamed of, they are technically operating on a thin cushion of air.

If you have a spare leaf blower lying around, then you are very close to being able to glide over the ground on your very own hovercraft. Check out the video below to learn more about how to construct it.

6. Make Plastic from Milk

Believe it or not, it isn't that hard to make your very own hard plastic. When processed correctly, you can take the proteins from milk and turn it into a hard bioplastic. By adding vinegar to warm milk, a reaction occurs that isolates the casein molecules or proteins in the milk.

By isolating the casein, you are left with a clay-like moldable plastic that you can use to form plastic. When this protein is dried, it solidifies together into a brittle solid. Back in the 1900s, this milk-based plastic was actually used to make things like pens and knife handles.

7. Make Ferrofluid

Ferrofluids are essentially liquids with particles of magnetic metal suspended in it. What makes these fluids particularly interesting is the fact that you can observe the layout of the magnetic field of stronger rare-earth magnets.

This is particularly interesting for anyone first learning about magnets or if you just want to make yourself a fun desk toy. If you end up making ferrofluid and want to keep it around for a while, try finding a small vile to put it in with a lid so you can play with it without the mess.


These are some of the most popular science experiments from across the web, but there are many more projects that you could do if you had time. If you have a favorite science project that you can do at home that we didn't mention on this list, be sure to let us know in the comments below so that our readers can be sure to check it out.

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