Miss America 2020 Wows Judges and Audience with Her Science Experiment

The five final contestants performed their talents onstage in Connecticut.
Fabienne Lang
Camille Schrier at the preliminaries for the Miss America 2020 pageant Miss America Organization

The Miss America pageant doesn't only revolve around crowns and dresses it seems. On Thursday the five finalists for the 2020 pageant took to the stage to perform a talent, and the winner blew people's minds away with her science experiment.

The scientific mind behind the experiment was Miss Virginia, Camille Schrier, who is also earning her doctorate of pharmacy at Virginia Commonwealth University.

Schrier had performed her science experiment back in July, winning her the title of Miss Virginia.


What was the experiment?

Schrier was on the stage of the Mohegan Sun Arena in Uncasville, Connecticut, showcasing her unique talent.

She had three flasks in front of her neatly placed on a table, filled with a combination of hydrogen peroxide, dish soap, and food coloring. Then Schrier poured her catalyst — potassium iodine — into each of the three flasks demonstrating what she said was "the catalytic decomposition of hydrogen peroxide."

In doing so, a chemical reaction occurred, producing brightly colored plumes of foam that grew up into the air before falling on the floor around her feet.

The video of Miss America's science experiment has blown up on the internet, and images of Schrier's scientific talent are going viral on social media.

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Even Schrier's university has congratulated her on Twitter, and Virginia Tech, where she previously completed two science degrees, posted a video of her experiment online as well.

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