Some of the Most Breathtaking Footages From Yesterday's Total Solar Eclipse

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They called it the "Great American Eclipse" simply because it spanned the entire United States and it has been 99 years since the last total solar eclipse took place across the land. The total solar eclipse began in the late morning hours in Oregon and the ended phenomenon ended in South Carolina.

Solar Eclipse 2017

[Image Source: NASA HQ Photo/Flickr]

Everyone from children to adults, and even the White House dwellers stepped outside to catch a glimpse of the phenomenon. The one safety drill astronomers and scientists stressed before the event occurred was that it's a must to wear eye protection when viewing the eclipse. However, US President Donal Trump decided to ignore this widely known safety drill and stared directly towards the eclipse without the protective glasses.



Eclipse wasn't too bad from Seattle #eclipse #seattle #sonya6000 #popgoesthesun

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So excited to have been able to enjoy the eclipse in the path of totality! My hometown of Greenville, SC was one of the last stops for the eclipse today as it made its way across the US. We flew in late last night to Atlanta and made our way to Greenville with some family VERY early this morning. I was really torn about whether or not to photograph this phenomenon, but after considering it I went for the solar filter and brought my camera along for the ride! It's definitely an experience I will never forget!!! . I'll be sharing my favorite shots from this afternoon. This shows the "diamond ring" effect just as the sun begins to peak out again after the total eclipse. ? . . #popgoesthesun #eclipse #eclipse2017 #solarfilter #canon #eclipsephotography #corona #sunscorona #sunlight #eclipsesc #southcarolina #carolina #greenvillesc #greenvillesouthcarolina #carolinagirl #yeahthatgreenville #greatamericaneclipse #americaneclipse #solareclipse #solareclipse2017 #totality #eclipsetotality #solarfilter #downtowngreenville #greenvilleeclipse #southcarolinaeclipse

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In other parts of the world, people weren't so lucky to witness the long-awaited total solar eclipse. But thankfully, because it's the 21st century, the internet is there to provide us with exclusive views of the "Great American Eclipse". Many of those who watched as the Moon transited between the Sun and the Earth recorded what they were seeing and shared it via social media. Just like this eclipse footage that was taken from above the clouds by NASA's GIII aircraft.

Some of the Most Breathtaking Footages From Yesterday's Total Solar Eclipse

[Image Source: Thomas Zurbuchen/Twitter]

This ground-based footage, taken from Salem, Oregon, is also breathtaking as you can see the actual transit of the of the lunar body from Earth. The rare full transit only took around 2 minutes but it was enough time to witness and savor the phenomenon.


It's already a treat to watch the solar eclipse from Earth but for those stationed in the ISS, it's a completely different story altogether.



Going back to our planet, this Twitter video gathered thousands of views and retweets as it perfectly illustrated the complete darkness the eclipsed cloaked over the Earth for a couple of minutes.



One way to watch the eclipse is to stare right up to the skies, however, if you didn't have the protective glasses then you could have well improvised. For example, this model and science communicator made a DIY device so she could view the solar eclipse from inside it. It was a tiny moving image of the eclipse but the whole idea is still ingenious.


In financial district !! During the #solareclipse2017 ???????? #NYC #eclipse #astroathens

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There's no need to envy those who were lucky enough to witness the Great American Eclipse. On December 26, 2019, an annular solar eclipse will take place across Eastern Europe, Asia, North/West Australia, East Africa, and the Pacific region. Although it's still a two-year wait, it's something to look forward to especially for those who chase cosmic phenomena such as the eclipse.

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