NASA and LEGO Celebrated 50th Anniversary of Earth Day With "Build a Planet" Challenge

Check out the amazing planets built by kids for the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day.
Derya Ozdemir
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"We came all this way to explore the Moon, and the most important thing is that we discovered the Earth."

These are the words uttered by Bill Anders, Apollo 8 astronaut, who took the famous photo of Earthrise that provided the push Earthlings needed to celebrate the first Earth Day back in 1970. 

NASA and LEGO Celebrated 50th Anniversary of Earth Day With "Build a Planet" Challenge
Source: Wikimedia Commons

This iconic photo of Earth as seen by the Moon united a generation into appreciating the fragile beauty of our planet, and thousands would assemble over the years to protect our beautiful planet for future generations. 

Today, COVID-19 might have separated us from each other, but that doesn't mean we can't celebrate. NASA and LEGO announced a new "Build a Planet" challenge to celebrate the 50th annual Earth Day — thereby, helping families to celebrate this important day during lockdowns.


As a reminder that space exploration is a vital component of appreciating and protecting our planet, NASA and LEGO shared images on social media of several planets assembled from the notorious toy bricks.

This effort is the next stop of the #LetsBuildTogether challenges where LEGO promotes learning through playing at home.

The companies encouraged the children and families to share their planetary LEGO creations online.

Here are some of our favorite creations that we thought deserved a mention!

1. Earth, Moon, and Sun who is wearing very stylish sunglasses

2. Dianne's rotating Sun and Earth

3. Our stunning Earth

4. Not a planet, but worth a mention

5. This exoplanet-look-alike

6. This amazing rainbow-road-planet

7. Multicolored planet Cleo and Rocky the Rocket? Love it

8. A planet with impressive rings

9. Kian's shallow lagoon next to a vegetated island

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