NASA Asks for Help to Name 7 New Planets and the Internet Delivers

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New planets lead to fascinating new potentials for further discovery. They also lead to some of the best opportunities for fresh names. In the original live stream Q&A with NASA scientists, someone even asked via Twitter what the new names would be. One of the researchers chuckled before explaining that naming every new discovery with an appropriate title would take a very long time.

NASA Asks for Help to Name 7 New Planets and the Internet Delivers

[Image Source: NASA/JPL-Caltech]

However, the Trappist-1 system doesn't seem to be just any new discovery. NASA tweeted out a call for the public to help name the new planets with the hashtag #7NamesFor7NewPlanets.

These are some of our favorite suggestions for the seven newly discovered planets.

This Apple-inspired gem:

This politically-inspired suggestion:

Maybe we could rename the system the Bueller system?

Fairytale names for a seemingly magical discovery. It's definitely a joke made funnier since the planets orbit a dwarf star:

The Harry Potter Fandom definitely made its suggestions known. There were a lot of variations of this:

There was this moving suggestion to name the planets after the crew who died in the Challenger space shuttle mission:

To some, naming the planets was just child's play:

Star Trek names were suggested:

People took the opportunity to have Pluto's back:

And this thought-provoking suggestion that we can't stop pondering:

Typically, the naming goes to the person or people who discover the object. However, this wouldn't be the first time a public naming occurred.

NASA Asks for Help to Name 7 New Planets and the Internet Delivers

[Image Source: Credits: NASA-JPL/Caltech]

Want to get in on the fun? The International Astronomical Union recommends short, one-word names. They should be easily pronounced and nothing offensive. They should also not be too similar to an existing body's name.

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