NASA Footage Showing Red Beam of Light Near ISS Sparks UFO Theories

Alien hunters are convinced the ISS is under attack after spotting what appears to be red lasers being fired by an alien spacecraft close to the station.
Jessica Miley

UFO conspiracy theorists are convinced the ISS is under attack and they have video footage to ‘prove’ it.

The video posted by YouTuber Streetcap1 shows some bright lights hovering above the international space base. Later the lights seem to pulse from one source towards the ISS. Streetcap1 claims to have analyzed other videos taken on the same day that did not have the lights visible.

StreetCap narrates what he can see in the video. Speaking in a low voice he says, "Look at the red light coming from them and going to the space station. It's pretty strange. Maybe it's a lens flare, I don't know what's causing it. In the previous shots hours ago there was no evidence of it at all. It could be lens flare, but I can't see what was causing it. Its shape was what was most interesting to me."

NASA Footage Showing Red Beam of Light Near ISS Sparks UFO Theories
Source: NASA

Streetcap1 was encouraged in his theories by commentators who praised him for his observations and offered their own opinion that the red light could actually be a type of data transfer. "The color red is able to store data at the highest level and possibly what you caught was a communication transfer of data or a probing beam to collect data," wrote YouTube user Captain Jay. Not all watchers of the video were convinced by the images though. James Mcintyre commented: "So much BS why is it that every video of so-called UFOs is either too blurry out of focus show me a video in HD not that I'm gonna hold my breath."

Theorists convinced aliens are already here

Theorist groups have mounted other campaigns in the past, convinced that extraterrestrial life is trying to make contact with the space station. Last month an object entering earth's atmosphere was captured by the crew aboard the station. Despite concrete assurances, the mysterious object was only a meteor, theorists remain stoic that it was hard evidence of alien activity. The video footage was captured by Italian scientist Paolo Nespoli. It shows a bright spot of light entering earth’s atmosphere, Nespoli offered an explanation that is was space junk burning up on entry, but NASA’s official statement claims it is a meteorite. ‘Alien Hunter’ Tyler Glockner, who runs conspiracy YouTube Channel SecureTeam10, is convinced the space agency is hiding the real truth.

NASA Footage Showing Red Beam of Light Near ISS Sparks UFO Theories
Source: Secure Team/YouTube

"I don't think it's a meteorite at all. What many people may not realize is that this video is a timelapse. You're seeing the earth spinning at a high rate of speed and we see this flash of light coming from space. It does look to be moving at 85mph (136 km/ph). But when you account how fast the earth would have actually been moving, had this not been sped up, it would have been moving much, much slower." Glockner goes on to compare previous footage of known meteorites with the recent video to illustrate his point. Fortunately, most people tend to err on the side of science rather than YouTube experts when considering imminent attacks by alien armies. But if you want to try some alien hunting yourself, log into the ISS live feed where you can scan the sky 24 hours a day.