NASA Wants You to Practice Isolation in a Russian Lab for 8 Months

The social isolation study is conducted in preparation for Moon and Mars missions.
Loukia Papadopoulos

NASA is seeking U.S. citizens to take part in a social isolation study in a Russian lab for eight months. The research is being done to help astronauts better prepare for the isolation they are bound to encounter in space.


"Astronauts experience various aspects of social isolation and confinement during their missions, NASA researchers are working to develop methods and technologies to mitigate and counteract potential related problems on future spaceflight missions," read NASA's statement.

Considering that people are likely already isolated due to the coronavirus, it is a good opportunity to make some extra cash. All jokes aside, the study is looking for very specific candidates with the kind of credentials most average folk can not meet.

"NASA is looking for highly motivated U.S. citizens who are 30-55 years old and are proficient in both Russian and English languages. Requirements are M.S., PhD., M.D., or completion of military officer training. Participants with a Bachelor’s degree and other certain qualifications (e.g., relevant additional education, military, or professional experience) may be acceptable candidates as well," read NASA's statement.

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Participants, if chosen, will find themselves in an environment that recreates astronauts' conditions in future missions to Mars. A small group of people will live together in isolation for eight months.

At that time, they will conduct scientific research using virtual reality and even undertake robotic operations. Participants will work toward completing simulated space missions while being studied by NASA's researchers.

"Results from ground-based missions like this help NASA prepare for the real-life challenges of space exploration and provide important scientific data to solve some of these problems and to develop countermeasures," explained NASA.

If this sounds compelling to you and you happen to meet the high requirements for participation, you can apply here.