NASA Wins Two Emmy Awards for Its Coverage of Space Missions

The space agency won Emmys for its coverage of the Insight Lander Mars mission and for the co-coverage of SpaceX's Crew Dragon test flights.
Chris Young

Ladies and gentlemen, we have the first martian Emmy Award winner. Its name? Insight Lander.

The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences gave NASA the Outstanding Original Interactive Program award for its coverage of Insight Lander's journey to Mars.

The space agency also received an Emmy alongside SpaceX for coverage of the Crew Dragon test flight to the International Space Station (ISS).


Space awards

This week, NASA was awarded two Emmy Awards at the Microsoft Theatre in Los Angeles. 

In response to the news, NASA chief Jim Bridenstine tweeted, "congrats to those who contributed to the news, web, education, television and social media coverage of this landing on the Red Planet."

NASA Wins Two Emmy Awards for Its Coverage of Space Missions

Source: NASA/JPL-Caltech 

NASA won the awards for its interactive coverage of the Mars Insight Lander mission, including social media, web content, and images and videos taken from the Red Planet.

On top of that, NASA also won a second Emmy alongside SpaceX in the category of Outstanding Interactive Program. This one was for the coverage of the SpaceX Crew Dragon test flight to the ISS.

Seismic reading of Mars

NASA's Insight Lander's mission to Mars is using a seismometer to take a precise seismic reading and provide accurate 3D models of the planet's interior.

As CNET reports, the mission is currently undergoing difficulties. The space lander's probe device is stuck and hasn't been able to dig as far into the soil as had been planned.

NASA's InSight used its Instrument Context Camera (ICC) beneath the lander's deck to image these drifting clouds at sunset. This series of images was taken on April 25, 2019, the 145th Martian day, or sol, of the mission, starting at around 6:30 p.m. Mars local time.
Video of weather conditions on Mars, taken by Insight Lander. Source: NASA/JPL-Caltech

Hopefully, these wins will give the team at NASA the motivation they need to find a way around the Insight Lander's digger problem. 

As NASA recently tweeted, they want people to send "good vibes" to help them overcome this issue, at a crucial part of its mission.

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