NASA's Applications for Astronauts to Go to the Moon Are Officially Open

Applications are open between March 2nd and March 31st.
Fabienne Lang

The moment all aspiring astronauts have been waiting for is finally here. NASA is officially accepting applications for its future Artemis missions. 

Anyone can send in their CV, provided they meet the requirements. The applications opened on March 2nd, and last until March 31st. Could you become the next NASA astronaut?


NASA's next man or woman to the moon by 2024

Three weeks ago, NASA stated that they would be accepting applications for astronauts to go to the Moon or Mars. These applications can now start flooding in, as the application process started yesterday, March 2nd, and will remain open until March 31st.

At the time, NASA stated the requirements for all aspiring astronauts, which you can check out here

NASA's goal is to find more man- and woman-power to join them on their upcoming Artemis missions, which will see the space agency sending another man or woman back to the Moon by 2024. The hope is then to send astronauts to Mars in the 2030s. 

"America is closer than any other time in history since the Apollo program to returning astronauts to the Moon," NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine said in a news release. "We will send the first woman and next man to the lunar South Pole by 2024, and we need more astronauts to follow suit on the moon, and then Mars.

NASA's Applications for Astronauts to Go to the Moon Are Officially Open
NASA's new class of astronauts, Source: NASA

Now, before you jump with joy and excitement at the prospect of becoming an astronaut, it's good to remember that the competition is stiff. Back in 2015, when NASA was last accepting its new round of astronauts, over 18,300 people applied. This was a record breaking number of applicants. 

Out of these tens of thousands of applicants, 11 got in. 

NASA's director of flight operations, Steve Koerner, said "Those who apply will likely be competing against thousands who have dreamed of and worked toward going to space for as long as they can remember. But somewhere among those applicants are our next astronauts, and we look forward to meeting you."

That's not to say you should be deterred from applying. If you think you've got what it takes to be one of NASA's next astronauts, it never hurts to apply. Just make sure to do so before March 31st. 

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