Nautilus Researchers Stumble Across the Most Adorable Squid

Trevor English
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The Nautilus Research team has been known to find some rather interesting things with their UV, but this extremely adorable squid is by far the cutest. The underwater robotic vehicle was over 900 meters deep when it came across a what looked like a lost stuffed animal. As the researchers zoomed in, they found a tiny little squid with gigantic eyes, almost too cute to believe.

cute octopus[Image Source: Nautilus]

At first, the team wasn't sure what the wide-eyed creature was, but they finally identified it as a form of cuttlefish due to the fact that the tentacles were all up front. Since their initial discovery, the team has identified the creature as a stubby squid, which IS rarely seen wild in the ocean.

While this creature is a squid by name, in anatomy they are more closely related to cuttlefish, so the researchers weren't wrong in their initial assessment. You can check out the discovery video below.

These interesting looking squids have been found from the Northern Pacific in Japan to Southern California, according to Science Alert. Unfortunately, this tiny little squid didn't do a lot of moving for the research crew, as it was likely a little bit too scared of the large robot that stumbled upon it.


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