New Ballpoint Pen Kills Viruses With Its Special Plastic Coating

The recipe for the pen's virus-killing plastic coating remains a trade secret.
Fabienne Lang
The Messmer Penmixetto/iStock

The useful daily device we've all been waiting for has arrived. It's a self-cleaning, virus-killing ballpoint pen created by German company Messmer.

The Messmer pen's plastic coating is what does the trick. It neutralizes viruses, including the coronavirus, which will potentially prove useful for everyone. There's already been high demand from medical clinics and practices, insurance companies, and communities. 

Useful in many ways

A number of rules and regulations have been adopted around the world as communities try to battle the coronavirus. One such regulation is disclosing personal contact details as well as time and date of visits to certain shops, restaurants, and bars. Typically, you're asked to provide these details by filling out a form, and guess what, you need a pen to do that. 

All added up, it takes hours of employees' time to disinfect each pen one by one, and it can be worrisome not knowing whether or not the pen has been properly disinfected. 

The company Messmer announced to have developed the world's first ballpoint pen that neutralizes viruses.

The secret lies in its plastic coating, which, well, remains a secret as the company has not shared what it's made of. However, laboratories have tested and shown that it does indeed work. 

There is nothing to note the difference of this pen as it physically looks identical to regular ballpoint pens, but it'll provide a lot of reassurance to its future users.