"The "Forever" Diamond Battery: It's Radioactive and Runs for 28,000 Years

The batteries could be an effective way to recycle dangerous nuclear waste.
Loukia Papadopoulos

We all know the burden of running out of battery on our favorite devices. And it seems no matter how long their charge lasts, it never is enough. But what if a full charge lasted thousands of years?

That's what a California company is working toward. NDB hopes to create nano-diamond batteries that act like tiny nuclear generators fuelled by nuclear waste.

According to NDB, these batteries will last up somewhere between a couple of decades to 28,000 years, will be nearly indestructible and, will be cheaper in electric cars than current lithium-ion packs.

“Our team is bringing together leaders in the nanotechnology, nuclear science, and diamond fields with military, academic, and research backgrounds, and combining our unique mix of expertise has made it possible for us to crack the code in developing this groundbreaking, life-changing solution,” said in a press release Nima Golsharifi, CEO and co-founder of NDB.

“Moreover, as members of society, we are extremely concerned about the welfare of the planet and are focused on lowering climate change to protect our planet for future generations. With the NDB battery, we have achieved a massive, groundbreaking, proprietary technological breakthrough of a battery that is emission-free, lasts thousands of years, and only requires access to natural air in order to power devices.”

Since NDB will create its batteries' energy from recycled waste, the batteries will only require access to natural air in order to power devices. More importantly, they will not produce any emissions, dangerous levels of radiation, or destructive byproducts that could harm the environment and will be unaffected by weather and climate conditions. Last but not least, their charge will last the entire lifetime of a device no matter what it may be. 

As of August 2020, the company completed two proof of concept tests during which their battery managed a 40 percent charge. Now, NDB is hard at work creating a prototype of a commercial version of the battery and has signed its first beta customers. NDB says it will finally have a working product in 2023.

Only time will tell how NDB's technology evolves and if it ever becomes market-ready. 

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