This Non-Invasive Skin Closure Solution Could Spell the End for Stitches

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An alternative to traditional stitches has been developed that promises faster wound healing and less scarring. Looking more like something from a hardware store, Zip Skin Closure System uses sticky strips and plastic ‘zip ties’ to close surgical wounds. The sticky strips are placed on either side of the wound and then the plastic ties are tightened across the cut holding the skin together. The design allows for flexibility and movements of the area while still ensuring adequate tension on the wound to allow the body to begin to heal.

Zipper-like technology is fast and non-invasive

The technology provides an alternative to staples, sutures and glue, commonly used in post surgical skin closure. It provides the additional benefit of putting a cage or scaffold over the wound to minimize rubbing from clothes or bed sheets. Zip comes on a roll in different lengths and is cut to size to fit the wound. This also means the product can be applied by nurses or first aid attendants and reduces the risk of infection caused by stitches. It could also have applications in emergency first aid.

This Non-Invasive Skin Closure Solution Could Spell the End for Stitches

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Most post surgical openings are treated with surgical sutures. This involves stitching the two edge of skin together using sterilized thread and needle. A number of different techniques have been developed and are applied according to the type of surgery and the location on the body.

This Non-Invasive Skin Closure Solution Could Spell the End for Stitches

[Image Source: ZipLineMedical]

Training in suturing is a critical part of medical training for all doctors and some nurses. Traditional stitches run the risk of bursting or splitting and can cause significant discomfort and scarring even after their removal.

ZipLine Surgical Skin Closure

This Unique Device Can Close Surgical Wounds Comfortably via Zipline Medical, Inc.

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ZipLine Medical

Zip Skin Closure System's manufacturer, ZipLine Medical, was founded by Amir Belson, M.D in 2009. ZipLine Medical's headquarters are located in Silicon Valley and are part of the medical technology field of California. Dr. Belson is also the founder of Neoguide Systems. Neoguide developed a cloud based platform technology for minimally invasive surgical procedures, the med-tech company acquired by Intuitive Surgical in 2009. Belson was also a founder of Vascular Pathways,  this innovative company, developed an FDA cleared vascular intervention technology. It was selected as one of the 10 best inventions by Popular Science magazine in 2009.  Belson did his initial medical training in Israel before becoming a paediatric fellow at Stanford University Medical Centre.

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Zip Skin Closure System undergoing further studies in private clinics

The innovative technology is part of several post-market studies in private clinics and hospitals in the United States to further evaluate the system. According to the National Center for Health Statistics more than 48 million surgical procedures were performed in the United States in 2009. The ZipLine product would be suitable for the closure of wounds in many of these common inpatient surgeries. 

Sources: ZiplLine, VOX

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