On Saturday, Canberra Had the World's Worst Air Quality

Australia continues to be devastated by bushfires.
Loukia Papadopoulos

Things are looking worse and worse with each passing day for Australia. On Wednesday, air quality index readings at one Canberra monitoring site peaked at 1 am at an extremely alarming 7,700. On Saturday, it was revealed that the country's capital has the world's worst air quality.

No fire without smoke

This doesn't come as much of a surprise with all those raging fires causing unimaginable damage all over Australia. And even though the fires have not reached Canberra yet, the effects can still be felt.


Health authorities have issued warnings telling residents to stay indoors with all windows and doors shut. “We also strongly advise people who are sensitive to smoke, especially those with pre-existing heart and lung conditions, to take extra care during these conditions,” said the advice.

“People who are sensitive to smoke and air pollution can be more vulnerable to heat-related illness as well, so staying hydrated and cool is important. People who are able to do so, are also encouraged to check on others who they think might need extra help, to see that they are OK.”

That advice is all well and good for those who can stay inside, but for how long can people keep inside, and what about all those who can't find shelter?

Giving birth in the midst of this chaos

Buzzfeed reported about an unlucky mother who had to give birth in this chaos. 

“The mum could smell the smoke. She said ‘I don’t feel so good about all of this’ and I said ‘to be honest I don’t feel that good either’,” her doctor, Dr. Steve Robson, told Buzzfeed. 

“The couple was really anxious, and they said ‘Look, we’re really worried about what the future will look like’.”

All we can see is we feel you. Our prayers are with Australia. And let's just hope this nightmare comes to an end soon.

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