Ørsted Announces Plans for Offshore Wind Farm that Will Bring Power to Over One Million Homes

A large-scale power-generating wind farm project is in the works for renewable energy company Ørsted.
Mario L. Major

Thanks to a large-scale project recently unveiled by renewable energy company Ørsted, the UK hopes to lighten its carbon footprint with a sustainable energy solution that will power more than one million homes when completed, according to assessments from the Denmark-based company.


Ørsted, formerly known as Dong Energy, is partnering with Belgium-based DEME Group, with GeoSea, the company’s arms that handles offshore marine engineering projects, employing its Innovation installation vessel for setting up the monopiles: in total 174 will be installed. The large support structures are essentially cylindrical steel tubes which will extend into the seabed and serve as anchors for the energy production: each one weighs around 800 tons, spans 65 meters, and has a diameter of 8.1 meters. Given the size of the monopiles, the Innovation can only carry 4 of them at a time, which is one of the reasons explaining the 2020 target—Ørsted hopes to make it fully operational by then.

Source: Ørsted

GeoSea won’t be alone, however. Starting in March of this year, additional support for setting up transition pieces will come from A2SEA’s wind turbine installation, the Sea Installer, which will also install some of the transition pieces. Duncan Clark, who serves as the programme director on the massive collaboration, shared his enthusiasm, and its connection to other project collaborations, the Hornsea Project One and Two:

“After years of planning it is fantastic to see the initial stages of offshore construction begin. My thanks to the teams working day and night on this significant milestone. Onshore, we are continuing to construct the East Coast Hub which will serve as an operations and maintenance base for our existing wind farms in the area and both Hornsea Project One, and Project Two which we took a final investment decision on last year. These wind farms will not only greatly contribute to the UK’s goal of decarbonising our energy system, they are also bringing jobs and investment to Grimsby and the North East.”

A Grand Vision for Sustainable Energy in the UK’s Future

With wind farm projects that deliver power to areas in its home base of Denmark, as well as Germany, the Netherlands, the US, the United Kingdom, and even Taiwan, the company is guided by its strong mission to create "a world that runs entirely on green energy," offering "real, tangible solutions to one of the world's most difficult and urgent problems," it seems that this massive project is a step in the right direction.

Undaunted by its failure to meet its 2020 renewable targets, with the government appointed Committee of Climate Change citing an unrealistic blueprint being set up that didn't match ministers' aspirations with the policies that were put in place, the UK has set its sight on 2050 targets with new optimism. Projects like this are a crucial part of coming closer to this ambitious goal. “The government has to change the trajectory or we are going to fail. We need to learn our lessons from where things have gone wrong so far,” a spokesperson shared, via the BBC.

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