Scientists use simulations to prove there's enough wind on Mars to install electricity-generating wind turbines that could power future human colonies.

Paul Ratner | 1/26/2023

A recent study from scientists at East Carolina University and North Carolina State University has ascertained that weed consumers experience orgasm more intensely, according to non-smokers.

Nergis Firtina | 1/26/2023

Astrophotographers spotted what looks like a third tail flowing in front of, instead of behind, the glowing green comet.

Chris Young | 1/26/2023

With Mars under constant spotlight, it is hardly a surprise that unique images are constantly found from its surveillance images.

Ameya Paleja | 1/26/2023

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University of Utah researchers examined 19,149 mammalian genes and provide new insights on the future of hair loss.

Nergis Firtina | 1/25/2023

Around 12,000 years ago, a group of large mammals called the megafauna were effectively wiped out. But, are humans to blame?

"We simply couldn’t have observed these ices without Webb," one of the scientists behind the new molecular cloud analysis explained.

Chris Young | 1/24/2023

Researchers have accidentally stumbled upon an unusual specie of pterosaur in Germany. It had over 400 teeth that looked like the prongs of a nit comb.

Ayesha Gulzar | 1/24/2023

The new study reveals that some sea spiders can regrow body parts in addition to their limbs.

Nergis Firtina | 1/24/2023