JD1 is seen here as it was 13.3 billion years ago, when the universe was only four percent of its current age.

Mrigakshi Dixit | 6/2/2023

Jupiter was crucial in the development of the Earth and the Solar System. Does this finding mean that we won't find life around red dwarfs?

Tejasri Gururaj | 6/2/2023

Research challenges conventional wisdom by suggesting that the shape of our brains may have a greater impact on our thoughts and behavior.

A new study analyzes "the nature of the true color diversity of Kuiper Belt objects," while NASA's New Horizons project remains in limbo.

Chris Young | 6/1/2023

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In a groundbreaking study, a team led by a professor at Ohio University, have successfully taken an X-ray of a single atom.

Tejasri Gururaj | 6/1/2023

With temperatures reaching 2,700 degrees Celsius, the spectrum data of this gas giant's atmosphere show clear signs of water vapor.

Mrigakshi Dixit | 6/1/2023

Editing the core of a molecule is an important process for drug discovery and other chemical innovations, but it is usually a complex process. Until now.

John Loeffler | 6/1/2023

NASA's UAP panel examines nearly 800 UFO sightings, revealing a fascinating, yet challenging journey into the realm of the unexplained.

Daniel Lehewych | 5/31/2023

European Union's tech chief, Margrethe Vestager, presses for a speedy formulation of an AI code of conduct. This code will serve as a temporary safeguard.

Daniel Lehewych | 5/31/2023