It was just discovered that foxes can detect the earth's magnetic field, and combined with their impeccable hearing, it helps them catch prey.

Trevor English | 3/4/2016

Wind turbine maintenance can cover a wide variety of activities but one of the major issues concerns repair or replacement of wind turbine gearboxes, which often fail prematurely before they have completed their 20-year life span.

Robin Whitlock | 3/3/2016

In May 1969, the Apollo 10 astronauts traversed the dark side of the moon, without communication to earth the crew of 3 heard some strange music.

Trevor English | 2/28/2016

Scientists from King Abdullah University of Science and Technology(KAUST) in Saudi Arabia have created the first ever working prototype of a human skin.

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Scientists have now come up with a way to make aerogel out of cellulose fibers. This makes the material incredibly thermal resistant and biodegradable.

Trevor English | 2/19/2016

Chinese scientists and engineers have managed to produce a hydrogen gas plasma that is three times hotter than the sun.

Trevor English | 2/16/2016

BREAKING: Scientists have just confirmed the discovery of gravitational waves, proving Einstein's theory of General relativity correct, reshaping physics.

Trevor English | 2/11/2016