New research retooled cells to reverse the aging process in mice. Mice with premature aging lived 30 percent longer than the control mice.

Shelby Rogers | 12/19/2016

Water two billion years old has been found locked down in the Earth’s crust and is almost eight times saltier than sea water.

New research simulations have predicted what would happen if an asteroid ever strikes Earth's oceans near populated coastal cities.

Shelby Rogers | 12/17/2016

Aliens may be sending strange messages from the stars, scientists says.

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No need to build your mind palace. A new study says that your brain works like Sherlock Holmes's pristine memory collection.

Researchers trying to get a nanobot to our closest star (at 4.367 light years away) hope this tiny chip could heal the nano-ship.

Shelby Rogers | 12/10/2016

For the third time ever in history, scientists unearthed an insanely rare quasicrystal. All three instances were found in the same meteorite.

Kratom, an herb with helpful properties, could be banned by the DEA soon. Congress called for postponement of the ban for more research.

Einstein's Theory of Relativity was a huge event in physics, but how does it affect you in real life? We've found 10 ways to see it in action.