Russia Released Footage of Terrifying Soyuz Failure that Led to Emergency Landing

Roscosmos space agency finally showed the video of how a stuck booster led to two astronauts experiencing a terrifying emergency grounding.
Shelby Rogers

The failed Soyuz rocket launch last month reminded the world that even the slightest misstep could lead to potentially deadly consequences. Russian space agency Roscosmos finally released footage of what grounded a NASA astronaut and Russian cosmonaut. 

The Soyuz's multistage rocket structure normally has all four boosters falling away in perfect symmetry. However, one of the boosters remains dangling and causes the rocket to spin. 

The astronauts explained there was shaking within the rocket, followed shortly by alarms inside the capsule. An emergency light came on. The pair's new mission at that point was to get back home safely. 


Neither NASA astronaut Nick Hague or Russian cosmonaut Aleksey Ovchinin were hurt upon landing, but the landings weren't under favorable circumstances. The pair endured substantial G-forces on the trip back to earth up to 6.7 times the force of Earth's gravity.

Hague told reporters the ballistic descent was intense even for a few seconds. 

"It’s like tossing a ball high into the air,” said Hague. “At some point gravity takes over and starts bringing it back down.”

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Hague said the training for both men kicked in, and they remained calm during the stressful situation. 

“You realize that the training is there to keep you safe,” he said. “The thing that I can do to get us down on the ground as safe as possible is to try to stay as calm and as focused as I can.”

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