Scary Video Shows Greenland Melting Glaciers Turned into A Charging River

Authorities say 12 billions tons of ice melted in 24 hours.
Loukia Papadopoulos

We hear it all the time. The glaciers are melting due to climate change and the situations is becoming increasingly dire.

However, we do not always compute how serious this is. Now a new video may help us do just that.

A scary new video

Posted by journalist Laurie Garrett to Twitter on Thursday, a scary new video is showing the effects of a massive glacial melt in Greenland. Taken in the town of Kangerlussuaq, on the western side of Greenland, the footage illustrates a charging river of melted glacier ice rushing into the ocean.

The event occurred after the island experienced unusually high temperatures on Thursday, up to as much as 71.6 degrees Fahrenheit.

12 billions tons of ice melted in 24 hours

"This is a roaring glacial melt, under the bridge to Kangerlussiauq, Greenland where it's 22C today and Danish officials say 12 billions tons of ice melted in 24 hours, yesterday," Garrett wrote.

While Greenland reports a glacial melt such as this about once a year, this is the second time this has happened this year alone. Meanwhile, CNN reported that "scientists say Greenland's ice sheet experienced its biggest melt of the summer on Thursday, losing 11 billion tons of surface ice to the ocean -- equivalent to 4.4 million Olympic swimming pools."