Scientists have a radical idea to power Mars colonies - wind turbines

IE speaks to the co-author of a study that used simulations to demonstrate that there is enough wind on Mars to power settlers.
Paul Ratner
Representational image: Wind turbines powering settlers on Mars.
Representational image: Wind turbines powering settler colonies on Mars.

Yakup Zağlı/Interesting Engineering/iStock 

  • Scientists propose wind turbines to power human colonies on Mars.
  • Some areas on Mars have the right amount of wind to be the only source of power needed, as per the researchers.
  • The research team adapted a new approach using a climate model that was developed to study the Earth's climate.

While some scientists are still figuring out the best way to get humans to Mars, other researchers have concerned themselves with what would happen once we get there.

What would it take to build a sustainable colony of Mars residents? One major challenge they would face is where to get power. 

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