Scientists Test Out Cockroach Trap by Using a Sumo Wrestler

Trevor English

Traps for bugs and pests have changed a lot in recent years, and modern chemical engineering has brought some pretty innovative and effective traps to the market. Earth Chemical is a Japanese company that manufactures bug and roach traps, and they came up with the perfect way to advertise their products. Their team of scientists devised an ingenious test by building a giant sticky roach trap, and seeing if a scientist, an athlete, or a sumo wrestler could overcome their trap. Check out the brilliant commercial below.

Roach traps like this are generally used to eliminate small populations of pests, and boy do they work. Typically a bait is placed in the center of the trap, attracting pests in where they then get stuck on the sticky base. The glue developed by Earth Chemical apparently isn't only strong enough to hold roaches, it can hold humans too.

Not the scientist, nor the athlete, nor the sumo wrestler were able to make it across this giant trap, proving just how effective it was. Chemical engineering advancements have allowed traps like this, and they even make sticky traps large enough to catch rodents and snakes.

testing trap sumo wrestler[Image Source: Earth Chemical]

This comical test of Earth Chemical's roach trap is proving to be brilliant advertising for their products. Do you think you would have been able to make it across the sticky surface?

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