Elon Musk Shares Video Demonstrating the Steering of Its New Raptor Engine

Can it steer SpaceX out of bankruptcy's way though?
Loukia Papadopoulos

Earlier this month, Elon Musk confirmed on Twitter that SpaceX could possibly go bankrupt in the wake of a severe global recession.

This event followed news of an alleged email from Musk to SpaceX employees that discussed the risk of bankruptcy if the company does not get its Starship launches right by next year.

In the detailed email, Musk had reportedly told SpaceX employees that the problems in the Raptor engine production were "far more severe" than was earlier suspected and that the company needed all hands on deck to recover from the disaster. 

Well, it seems like at least some things may finally be on track. On Friday, Musk shared a video on Twitter of a successful Starship Super Heavy engine steering test. 

"Each Raptor 1 engine above produces 185 metric tons of force. Raptor 2 just started production & will do 230+ tons or over half a million pounds of force," the CEO wrote underneath the Tweet.

That's good news especially considering a lot of these Raptors will need to be produced. Each Starship will require 39 Raptors, 33 for the giant first-stage booster called Super Heavy, and six for the upper-stage spacecraft referred to as Starship, reported Space.com

It still hasn't been confirmed if SpaceX is back on track. After all, the video could be just an attempt to reassure wary investors after the email leak. But either way, it does spell positive news for the firm.