SpaceX Discloses Its Starship Rocket Users' Guide for All to Enjoy

The rocket is due to transport people, payloads, satellites, and cargo to Space.
Fabienne Lang

SpaceX has just released its Users Guide fo its giant Starship rocket. The document offers an all-encompassing overview of the rocket that's due to shuttle people, payloads, satellites, and cargo to numerous locations in Space such as the Moon, Mars and other orbital locations.

As the guide clearly states, the rocket is meant to be reusable and is designed to be a flexible transportation system. 


The users' guide

The guide gives a brief insight into SpaceX and its Space program before going into full detail of the payload configurations and mechanical structures of the Starship rocket. SpaceX intends to update the guide regularly, as this is only the first version to ever be shared publicly.

SpaceX Discloses Its Starship Rocket Users' Guide for All to Enjoy
Starship payload deployment sequence, Source: SpaceX Starship Users Guide

You'll notice the comparison between a crewed and uncrewed payload configuration, as well as how the Starship is currently set up to "transport up to 100 people from Earth into LEO and on to the Moon and Mars." Moreover, they'll be able to travel in ease and comfort as the guide states "The crew configuration of Starship includes private cabins, large common areas, centralized storage, solar storm shelters, and a viewing gallery."

The cargo version of the Starship will be used to transport its payloads from point to point on Earth as well as up to Space.

SpaceX Discloses Its Starship Rocket Users' Guide for All to Enjoy
Starship crew (left) and uncrew (right) configurations, Source: SpaceX Starship Users Guide

Details of how the acoustics, environments, payload separation, and cargo configurations are all explained as well. Furthermore, according to the guide, the Starship is "expected to allow for space-based activities that have not been possible since the retirement of the Space Shuttle and Space Transportation System or have never been possible before."

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One, rather large, point that's missing from the guide is cost. There's still no mention about how much a ticket on board the Starship will cost. 

If all goes according to SpaceX's plan, customers will start using the guide soon and the Starship rocket could be circulation as early as next year.