SpaceX Successfully Launches US Space Force GPS into Orbit

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Fabienne Lang
SpaceX launch1, 2

A dramatic halt just two seconds prior to SpaceX's launch in early October kept the space company's Falcon 9 rocket firmly on the ground. 

Yesterday, Elon Musk's space company finally carried out the follow-up launch, and it was a success. 

Falcon 9 is bringing the U.S. Space Force's new military satellite up to space. 


Thursday's launch marked a good day for the military space agency, the U.S. Space Force, as it saw its GPS III satellite lifted off into space. 

Originally due to liftoff in late September, the launch was then pushed back to October 2nd. It was almost set to go blazing up into orbit when the entire launch was stopped just two seconds before liftoff. 

This unexpected push back brought on further delays, such as NASA's Crew-1 astronaut launch, which experienced issues with two of its engines.

The issues appeared to lie in the "masking lacquer" that had unexpectedly blocked a valve line, meaning two of the nine Merlin rocket engines tried to fire early. These engines were exchanged for new ones, and thus yesterday's launch was possible. 

As it stands, the GPS III Space Vehicle 04 is currently on its way into orbit. 

The fairing halves from the launch will try to be collected thanks to SpaceX's two ships. 

Next up for SpaceX's launches is the aforementioned Crew-1 launch, which has a new launch date of November 14th.