Tattoo Artist Gets World's First Tattoo Machine Bionic Arm

Trevor English
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If you are someone who works with their hands every day, losing a limb is probably one of your biggest fears. One tattoo artist from France lost his arm a little while back, but wanted to continue giving people tattoos, so he built the world's first bionic arm with a tattoo gun from custom parts around his shop. JC Sheitan Tenet is the incredible one-armed artist, and his shop is garnering a lot of attention from people wanting to get inked by bionic arm. The arm features a needle, gauges and various tubing for compressed air to flow through to make everything work.

TATTOO bionic arm[Image Source: Jc Sheitan]

You may not want to get tattooed by a robotic arm, after all, can it be as precise as a real human hand? Well, JC seems to have found the perfect rhythm, and he does some pretty incredible one-handed body artwork. He custom made his prosthetic from pieces he scrounged up from a typewriter, manometer and other mechanical parts he had lying around, according to The Daily Beast. Check out a video of him using the arm below!

This bionic arm does only one task, so we are still a little ways off from a fully bionic person, but it goes to show what you can build with just a little ingenuity and hard work!

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