Tesla Solar Panels Have Caught Fire at an Amazon Warehouse and at Walmart Stores

The incidents reportedly happened last year but have been a source of discussion as Walmart is currently suing Tesla.
Donovan Alexander

We are sure you have heard all about Tesla and their high performing vehicles. Yet, how much do you know about Tesla’s Solar division and the solar panels they produce? 

Headquartered in California, the subsidiary specializes in solar services in both the residential markets and in the commercial markets; designing, financing, and installing solar power systems. The eventual aim is to bring clean renewable energy to anyone. 


However, a recent report by Bloomberg has shed light on some of the troubles Tesla has had with their solar panels leading to a lawsuit against the company. 

Trouble in the warehouse 

Bloomberg reports that SolarCity’s solar energy systems caught fire at an Amazon warehouse in June of last year. After their experience with the Tesla subsidiary, the retail giant has made it very clear that it does not have any more plans to use or install the electric company’s solar systems. However, this is just the beginning of the story. 

Just this past week, the other retail giant, Walmart, filed a lawsuit against Tesla after reportedly the same Tesla solar panels caught on fire on top of seven of its stores. Both Tesla and Walmart have been partners on clean energy initiatives, with Tesla installing solar systems in more than 240 of Walmart stores

A lack of accountability

The news of the lawsuit took the industry by storm. In the lawsuit, Walmart vented about what seems to be Tesla's negligence. 

The report details times when Tesla failed to “ground its solar and electrical systems properly”, with some claims that there were even visible defects on the solar systems when they were installed in Walmart stores. Walmart claims there was no visible effort to actually fix these defects. 

Nevertheless, things seem to be amicable between the two companies as both Walmart and Tesla issued a joint statement stating, “Both companies want each and every system to operate reliably, efficiently, and safely.” 

Both the Amazon and Walmart fires could be attributed to a faulty part found on the systems called the “connector”, yet Tesla has not fully discussed the cause of the fires. It will be interesting to see how this plays out as, since its purchase by Tesla, SolarCity has been plagued by controversy. 

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