The Crazy "Storm Area 51" Event on Sept. 20th and Other Places with Alien Encounters

If you can't make the "Storm Area 51" event, there are plenty of other places to check out aliens and UFOs.
Marcia Wendorf

On June 27, 2019, when California college student Matty Roberts created a Facebook event called "Storm Area 51, They Can't Stop All of Us," he had no idea the kind of interest it would generate. The Facebook page states: "If we naruto run, we can move faster than their bullets. Let's see them aliens."

Naruto running is a style of running in which person or character runs leaning forward with their arms stretched out behind them. It’s named after the way characters run in the anime series Naruto. It is important to note that it will not increase your chances of outrunning a bullet.

Two million people have clicked "Going," and another 1.4 million people have indicated an interest. The nearby town of Rachel, Nevada has no hotel vacancies on that date, nor does the town of Alamo, 50 miles away.


The U.S. Air Force has weighed in, saying to ABC News, "The Nevada Test and Training Range is an area where the Air Force tests and trains combat aircraft. As a matter of practice, we do not discuss specific security measures, but any attempt to illegally access military installations or military training areas is dangerous."

If you're busy on September 20th and realize that you can't outrun a bullet, there are other places where UFOs and aliens are said to have been encountered. Here, we take a look at a few.

The Crazy "Storm Area 51" Event on Sept. 20th and Other Places with Alien Encounters
Source: Stefan Keller/Pixabay

Wycliffe Well, Australia

Located in Australia's remote Northern Territory, Wycliffe Well sits on top of a high water table in the middle of a desert. It lies between the towns of Alice Springs on the south and Tennant Creek on the north.

Wycliffe Well, Australia
Wycliffe Well, Australia. Source: Travolution360/Flickr

In the mid-19th century, Wycliffe Well was a way-station for telegraph linemen, and in the last century, it served the same purpose for servicemen who were on their way to World War II. It was these servicemen who reported sightings of alien craft.

The owners of the town's roadhouse started keeping a log of UFO sightings, which continues to this day.

Rendlesham Forest, UK

In December 1980, the Royal Air Force Woodbridge base was being used by the U.S. Air Force. At 3:00 a.m. on December 26, 1980, a security patrol operating near the base's east gate saw lights descending into the nearby Rendlesham Forest.

Rendlesham map
Rendlesham map. Source: Bluewave/Wikimedia Commons

Going to investigate, the service members saw a triangular-shaped, metallic object, two to three meters across, and two meters high. On top of the object was a pulsating red light, and beneath it were blue lights. The object appeared to be hovering.

As the men approached, the object darted among the trees, and animals on a nearby farm "went into a frenzy." Local police were called to the scene but found nothing amiss.

The next morning, the servicemen returned to the clearing where they had first seen the craft, and they found a triangular pattern and three depressions in the earth, 1.5 feet deep and 7 inches in diameter. They also found burn marks on the ground and broken branches on nearby trees.

The next day, radiation readings were taken, which showed, 0.1 milliroentgens in the three depressions and near the center of the triangle.

On December 28th, three lights were seen to hover in the sky above the base for several hours, and one appeared to beam down a light. Deputy base commander Lieutenant Colonel Charles I. Halt wrote a formal memo to the Air Force describing these events, and created a tape recording that has become known as the "Halt Tape."

Halt memo
Halt memo. Source: Charles Halt/Wikimedia Commons

Due to the public interest in the incident, in 2005, the UK Forestry Commission created a trail through Rendlesham Forest called the UFO Trail. In 2014, they commissioned a work that is installed at the end of the UFO trail modeled on the UFO that was claimed to have been seen.

UFO Trail
The UFO Trail. Source: Draco2008/Flickr

Angelholm, Sweden

In May 1946, Swedish hockey player Gösta Carlsson was taking an evening stroll at Sjödammarna, Sweden. After climbing a hill, he noticed something shiny in a glade below.

Going closer, Carlsson saw a disk-shaped, illuminated craft that was balancing on telescoped legs. The craft appeared to have a hatch on its underside.

On top of the object was a tall mast split four ways, and a pulsating lamp that emanated a violet-colored light that Carlsson described as an "electric curtain."

Several human-looking men and women appeared outside the craft wearing spacesuits. When one of these men noticed Carlsson, he motioned for Carlsson not to come any closer and twice aimed a device at him that made a cracking sound.

After observing for a while, Carlsson backed off and decided to approach the glade from a different direction. However, when he got there, the craft was no longer in sight. Instead, there was a bright red light in the sky which turned to violet as the craft ascended.

When Carlsson returned to the glade the next day, he noticed burned rings on the grass, and a nearby pine tree that was burned.

Angelholm, Sweden monument
Angelholm, Sweden monument. Source: abelson/Wikimedia Commons

Inspired by his experience, Carlsson founded pharmaceutical companies Cernele and Allergon. In 1963, he returned to the glade and erected a memorial in recognition of his experience.

Emilcin, Poland

Early on May 10, 1978, Jan Wolski was driving a horse-drawn cart when two strangers jumped onboard — really strange-looking strangers. Wolski described them as "short, green-faced humanoid entities" about 5 feet (1.5 m) tall.

The two directed Wolski to a clearing, and when they began speaking in a strange language, Wolski took them for "foreigners." In the clearing was a hovering craft.

According to Wolski, the craft was 14.75 feet (4.5 m)16.5 feet (5.0 m) in height, and "as long as a bus." It hovered at an altitude of about 16 feet (4.9 m).

Wolski found himself onboard the craft, along with several rooks that appeared immobilized. After being asked to remove his clothes, Wolski was examined with a tool that resembled two saucers. After redressing, Wolsky was offered something to eat but refused.

Emilcin, Poland
Emilcin, Poland. Source: Lukke/Wikimedia Commons

Returning home, Wolski gathered his family and several neighbors and returned to the clearing. While the craft was gone, the grass appeared to be trodden down.

In 2005, a memorial was constructed on the site, with its plaque reading, in Polish: "On 10 May 1978 in Emilcin a UFO object landed. The truth will astonish us in the future."

Aurora, Texas

A story that appeared in the April 19, 1897 edition of the Dallas Morning News reported that a "mystery airship" sailed out of the sky and smashed into a windmill belonging to Aurora, Texas resident Judge J.S. Proctor.

The story described how the locals dragged from the wreckage a body that was described as that of a "petite Martian." As good Christians, the townspeople buried the body under a tree in the Aurora cemetery.

Initially, a headstone atop the grave had a crude etching of the alien's spacecraft on it. A more modern headstone replaced it, but it was stolen. Today, a Texas state historical marker commemorating the cemetery mentions the "Martian" among the other honored dead.

Aurora, Texas
Aurora, Texas historical marker. Source: Sf46/Wikimedia Commons

 Skinwalker Ranch, Utah

Southeast of Ballard, Utah lies the 512-acre Skinwalker Ranch. It is named after the Skinwalker of Navajo Indian legends. Stories about the ranch began in articles in Utah's Deseret News and the Las Vegas Mercury in 1996 written by George Knapp. This is the same journalist who has written about Area 51 provocateur Bob Lazar.

The ranch was acquired by the National Institute for Discovery Science (NIDSci), which between 1995 and 2004 was a privately-financed research organization based in Las Vegas, Nevada. NIDSci was owned and operated by real-estate developer Robert Bigelow primarily to study UFOs.

Bigelow owns the American hotel chain Budget Suites of America and is the founder of Bigelow Aerospace. On April 8, 2016, Bigelow's BEAM module was launched to the International Space Station on board the eighth SpaceX cargo resupply mission.

In a December 2017 article in the New York Times, Bigelow was named as having urged Senator Harry Reid to initiate the Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program (AATIP), which operated in the Pentagon from 2007 to 2012. It was headed by Luis Elizondo and tasked with the study of UFOs.

According to the New York Times' article, Bigelow stated that he was "absolutely convinced" that aliens exist, and that UFOs have visited Earth.

In 2016, Bigelow sold Skinwalker Ranch for $4.5 million, to a shell corporation called Adamantium Holdings. Since then, all roads leading to the ranch have been blocked, the perimeter has been secured with barbed wire and cameras, and signs have been posted warning people to stay away from the ranch.


San Diego, California

In November 2004, off the coast of San Diego, California, the USS Princeton, a guided-missile cruiser, had been tracking mysterious aircraft that appeared intermittently on its radar for two weeks. Radar operators on other vessels confirmed the Princeton's sightings.

When the mysterious aircraft appeared again on November 14, 2004, the Princeton contacted two airborne Navy F/A-18E/F Super Hornets from USS Nimitz, that were flying a combat exercise.

The Hornets each carried a pilot and a weapon systems officer (WSO). The first Hornet was piloted by Commander David Fravor, and the second was piloted by Lieutenant Commander Jim Slaight.

Radar operators on the Princeton saw the unidentified object drop from 28,000 feet to sea level in less than a second, an astounding change. Looking down, Fravor and the other pilot observed an oval area "the size of a Boeing 737 airplane" of churning water with foam and frothy waves.

The alien craft apparently popped up out of the water and hovered 50 feet (15 m) above the churning water. Fravor and Slaight later described the object as resembling a large white Tic Tac, 30 to 46 feet (9.1 to 14.0 m) long, with no wings or exhaust plume.

As Fravor began a circular descent to the object, it began an ascent that mirrored Fravor's trajectory.

When Fravor made a more a more aggressive move toward the object, the UFO accelerated away at blinding speed, leaving Fravor and Slaight "pretty weirded out." Fravor said, "I have no idea what I saw. It had no plumes, wings or rotors and outran our F-18s. But I want to fly one."

On December 16, 2017, the Pentagon released the 2004 USS Nimitz FLIR1 video. A second video, known as the GIMBAL video, was also released by the Pentagon. It shows an encounter with a UFO off the East Coast of the U.S. on an unknown date.

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