The European Space Agency Is Preparing to Meet a Comet from the End of the Solar System

According to ESA's announcement the three spacecraft are expected to go around the comet and try to photograph it.
Irmak Bayrakdar

The European Space Agency is no less than NASA when it comes to announcing groundbreaking new missions.

Agency has announced a new mission to explore and photograph a comet coming towards our planet possibly, from the unknown ends of the solar system. The referred comet may contain materials and possibly any information that can be used to further understand our galaxy. 

The comet heading towards our way is unknown to us, hasn't been named yet and is called a ''pristine'' comet, which makes it way more valuable for examination given that we don't know where it has been and what has happened to it, or if it can be clearly seen on its surface.

All of the other comets that have been examined before have gone around the sun before. Since this is the first round of the comet, it should be easier to read.

The European Space Agency Is Preparing to Meet a Comet from the End of the Solar System
Our galaxy from Earth. Source: Unsplash 

The comet is coming from the great Oort Cloud, beyond the Kuiper Belt which is a ring of cloud surrounding our solar system, made up of asteroids and other materials floating in outer space. However, we have not been able to explore further parts of our galaxy, yet. Now, we may be able to see some things clearly.

The agency is going to send off three spacecraft, which are to split in space in order to get a fully rounded image of the comet from all angles, and maybe even create a 3D model of it, back on earth. Name of the three spacecraft that are going to travel as one has been announced as ''Comet Interceptor'' and they are (obviously) expected to intercept the comet.

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The mission is classified as F class mission, the F referring to ''Fast''. Ever since the mission has been announced, it has been put in front of all the other projects run by the agency, making the Comet Interceptor the most important mission in the long run.

The preparation process until the launch date is going to be long and complicated. The estimated duration for the project launch is declared as 8 years from now. 

The team at the European Space Agency is very eager to explore what lies beyond the reaches of the universe and to expand our knowledge of it.

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