The Tree-Planting Campaign Supported by Elon Musk Just Raised $20 Million

TeamTrees was supported by some famous and powerful people in achieving its lofty goal.
Loukia Papadopoulos

Back in October 2019, Elon Musk donated $1 million to a tree-planting campaign. The move back then was seen as problematic as the CEO was testifying in court to being cash poor.

Still, the results of the campaign definitely justified its cause. The project, called TeamTrees, was run by YouTuber Jimmy Donaldson and had the aim of planting 20 million trees by end of 2022.


$20 million goal

Every dollar earned would plant one tree. Now, the project has revealed that it has reached its $20 million goal.

"#TeamTrees, we did it!⁣ ⁣ 20 million trees - in less than two months - is an incredible accomplishment and it belongs to all of us. ⁣Whether you donated, created content, or simply told your friends about #TeamTrees, this win is yours," wrote TeamTrees on their fundraising page.

But their journey won't stop there. The campaign TeamTrees will continue its mission and the fundraising will keep on being active, as the more money the project earns, the more trees will be planted.

Famous help

The campaign did have some help from some famous and powerful donors. After Musk made his pledge, Shopify CEO Tobi Lütke made a pledge of a million and one dollars.

The tree planting is set to begin in January 2020 and finish no later than December 2022. The whole thing will be overseen by the Arbor Day Foundation.

“Due to the sheer volume of trees planted (20 million), they will be planted in a variety of forests on public and private lands in areas of great need,” TeamTrees wrote.

Can this initiative really help? A July 2019 study published in Science pointed out that planting trees across 900 million hectares (or 2.2 billion acres) could absorb two-thirds of our carbon emissions.

However, many scientists feel that with the current rise of CO2 emission reforestation is not enough. Still, the project TeamTrees can't be discounted as a noble and worthy effort, and we just hope that this campaign inspires other movements of a similar approach.

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