The U.S. Space Force Has Unveiled Its "Camouflage" Uniform, and Comments Online Are Streaming In

We're not sure which environment the Space Force was thinking of when it put the uniform together, but it wasn't Space.
Fabienne Lang
U.S. Space Force uniformU.S. Space Force/Twitter

When you think about camouflage, you think about blending in. Picture a stick insect that's barely recognizable from the brown twigs around it.

But when the U.S. Space Force was putting ideas on the table for its uniform, blending in didn't seem to be a priority for the military organization.

Understandably, the regular camouflage uniform that was tweeted by the U.S. Space Force on Friday is being mocked rather forcefully online. 


One uniform to fit them all

The U.S. Space Force was officially launched by U.S. President Donald Trump on December 20. As a follow-up, the Space Force posted a picture of its "new" uniform on its Twitter page. 

What's so special about this uniform? Absolutely nothing, and that's the issue. 

The picture that was posted online displays a regular woodland camo design — that means it's green, brown and beige. Fantastic camouflage when in amongst trees, bushes, and mud, but there's not a whole lot of that happening up in Space.

The only distinction from this uniform to that of the regular U.S. Army is the embroidered badges on the arm and the chest.

Naturally, keyboard warriors prowling the internet have had a field day when posting remarks about the uniform online.

Some of the reactions have been especially entertaining: 

Some commenters seem to understand the true meaning of Space camo better than the Force: 

This tweeter makes a good point: 

Some are offering free advice on what the uniform should look like: 

Others can't quite believe it's true: 

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And some are a little more understanding, but still have some input: 

Why have a Space Force?

President Trump stated that the Force would assist the U.S. military in protecting the nation's assets in Space. The plan is to "deter aggression" in what Trump called "the world's newest war-fighting domain." Aka: Space. 

The Force won't be sending troops up to Space, however. Its purpose is to protect the numerous satellites used for communication and surveillance

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